Bankruptcy, foreclosure (and walk-away and cash-for-keys), mortgage modification – you’re hearing a lot about these very serious topics. My clients have the same questions about these topics, so, by this presentation I will answer some of them; due to space limitations, some answers are on our website. As noted in the disclaimer below, the information contained in this presentation is not to be considered legal advice: do not rely on it. If you rely on it, you get what you pay for (less whatever you paid for the newspaper).

If not all of your questions are answered, give me a call. We offer FREE confidential consultations, in 3 convenient locations. Can’t beat free, or convenient.

Why is bankruptcy a federal Constitutional right, and how does it promote the common welfare? The answer is in this presentation (but the real truth is that they couldn’t foresee the popularity and profit of the sitcom: Survivor -- Debtors’ Prison).

The different chapters of our bankruptcy code offer many different remedies to those in financial trouble. Unfortunately, there is not enough space in this presentation to describe all of those. Frequently there are viable alternatives to bankruptcy -- which Linda and I make it a point to discuss with every client. As our profiles, below, confirm, each of us has practiced law for over 30 years, much of which was in the area of bankruptcy.

Please be advised that we would consider it an honor to speak at any function you may have, merely ask Linda.

Bankruptcy is a very serious consideration; I (we) take our work very seriously. Please do not interpret my attempts at humor to suggest otherwise. Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Richard Rossi

Financial problems can be trying, but there is help available. Filing bankruptcy can bring relief from creditor phone calls and debt collection efforts. It will allow you to restructure your debt and begin building a brighter future.